Many of us have had situations when our household has some extra rubbish to get rid of but there is nowhere to put it. Especially if this rubbish is not very standard kind or a not very reasonable amount. In situations like these we would highly recommend that you look in to a waste management company. If you are in Dublin there is a very popular way to handle your waste using the services of  a professional skip hire company. They usually offer very accessible rates for most budgets starting from your regular household all the way to a large business budgets.

Most of the time when somebody needs a some sort of a service in Dublin they simply tend to google what they are looking for and click on the very first result that pops up. This is perfectly fine most of the time, although sometimes you want to put in a bit more time looking for a reliable service provider. Here are some basic points that we would like to recommend that you research in a professional skip hire company in Dublin.

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How are they disposing of their waste?

This should be the first thing you check with a skip company in my opinion. Every legitimate waste disposal company should be disposing of their waste in a secure, environmentally harm free way. This is a no brainer and should be double checked with the company. As far as I am aware, if your waste management contractor is disposing of your waste in illegal manner you are liable as well as them.

Check their previous client reviews?

You want to spend the extra time to check the company background and reviews in your city. It is highly recommended that you check the reviews coming specifically from your location. This is because some skip hire companies are operating on a nation wide scale as franchises and just because they got good reviews in Cork does not mean their service is any good in Dublin. Some good sources to check their reviews are sites like Yelp and Google reviews.

Call at least 2-3 companies and ask for a quote

When you narrowed down your list of potential companies that you think you would hire, it’s time to give them a call and ask for a quotation for your specific case. You can go ahead and tell them that you are shopping around for the best offer, this might result in their sales rep offering you an ‘extra’ good deal just this time. You may also want to double check that you are hiring the correct size skip for your needs. One of the most common situations of people overpaying for this service in Dublin is when folks don’t research the skip sizes. Make sure you get the size thats right for you, you do not need a 20 foot container for your gardening waste needs. Here is a nice chart I found to help you decide what skip size could be good for your case.